About Us


Wadi Adra is one of the Asian brands that bring Muslimah Urban to the next level. It was established in 2017 and founded by Aina Awatif. Our vision is to bring the latest fashion trends and offer various selections for students and career women. We interpret beauty and modesty into fashion and make all women feel the same as we do.


In 2018, proud to announce that Wadi Adra has partnered with Beads Atelier in order to create a new element of embellishment and give the best craftsmen for each collection. Wadi Adra offers the best service for our customers including worldwide shipping.


Wadi Adra provides a variety of Muslimah ready-to-wear by using high-quality materials. Ensuring the best design for a new collection at a reasonable price is our priority, from casual wear to modest and contemporary attire that makes every collection have its own consumer from all over the countries.


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