Hijab Style


  • Hijab Style For Glasses

When you wear glasses, wrapping your hijab too tightly around your head can really hurt around your ears. So your best bet is to cover your hair with a hijab tube cap and wrap your scarf loosely around your head to wear your glasses comfortably throughout the day.




  • Hijab To Show Earrings

You don’t have to give up on long dangly earrings just because you wear the hijab. Simply tie your hijab from slightly behind your earlobe and pop your earrings out to complete your look!




  • Chest Covering Hijab Style

Have you ever bought a beautifully printed headscarf and sulked over the fact that you couldn’t properly show the print off after tying it into your hijab? If so, I totally feel your pain. Then this chest covering hijab style will work perfectly for you. Just spread one corner of it across your chest and tie the rest of it as your hijab to showcase its gorgeous print in all its glory.




  • Modern Hijab Style

The modern woman usually goes for the most functional style and keeps things simple and minimalistic. Unembellished monochrome scarves draped without any pins are all the rage right now. Just drape one casually around your head, wrap both ends once around your neck and let them fall loose down your chest to create this floaty hijab style.



  • Wrapping Hijab With Accessories On It

Add a bit of sparkle and shine to your boring old hijab with just some jewelry lying around on your dresser. A great way to do so is to insert some of your rings onto a loose corner of your hijab that’s hanging down one side of your face.



So as you can see, my lovely ladies, modest dressing doesn’t have to be boring. It can be as trendy and stylish as you want it to be. Now that you know how to wear hijab fashionably and traditionally, what are you waiting for? We hope this bit of styling inspiration that we’ve provided here helps you keep your hijab on fleek every single day! And don’t forget to comment below to let us know which styles you can’t wait to try out.